To All Homeowners, Clients, Friends & Family:
We have been monitoring the rapid spread of this virus and the resulting sudden impact in all of our lives. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have already been affected by this crisis, and we hope that all of our customers and partners and all of their families, friends and colleagues stay as safe as they possibly can as this crisis unfolds.
In these times of uncertainty we all find ourselves doing what we can do to help one another through this crisis.  With the closure of many schools, sporting events and public functions some families may experience a loss of income that can put financial stress on the household and make it difficult to maintain there financial obligations through this crisis.  If you or your loved ones find yourselves unable to make your obligations please know that the mortgage industry is also committed to assisting homeowners through this crisis.  
This week the Federal Housing and Finance Agency (FHFA) issued a statement advising homeowners that there are options if you find yourself unable to make your mortgage payments.  If you or your loved ones find yourself in this position the FHFA urges you to contact your mortgage servicer to request relief during these times.  Although the requirements and options are not clearly defined by the FHFA, we in the lending community understand the difficulties that families find themselves in during this crisis and we are committed to playing out part to help the community through this.
Or if you simply want to skip a mortgage payment and reduce your rate and payment, we can also help you with with low rate not cost refinance to help you through these times :)